Saturday, June 4, 2011

Kiff Advice

Completely stole these quotes from someone else's blog, just thought it was so real. check the link at the bottom. 

Timing is everything.
More than any other quality, being genuine is key.
Sometimes most of the time, it's not about you.
Put what you love in front of you and let the path create itself.
Learning to write meaningful greeting cards is an incredibly underrated "adult" skill.
You get what you pay for.
It's OK to be completely Justin Bieber style obsessed with some piece of
artwork or poetry or music.
If you knew how little other people actually think about you, you'd stop being so self conscious.
Revisit all the music your dad played when you were younger. You won't believe how much more you understand it now.
Be grateful. Always. No matter how much your ego wants to indulge self-entitlement.
Don't bad mouth - it says more about you than it does the person you're talking about.
Show/tell you friends how valuable they are to you.  They're family away from family.
People change their minds. And they're allowed to.
If you don't exercise, you will gain weight.
Trust life. Life knows what it's doing more than you do.
Don't be a jealous, sneering girl.  It's not cute.
Having patience is something that will make your life 10 times easier.
Pay attention to how much money you spend on coffee. Cause it's stupid.
Learn to relax.  
There's a fine line between ambition and desperation.

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