Monday, June 20, 2011

june 18 (Love & Peace)

On Saturday I had to cover some books in contact plastic for my nephew. 
Because the books are small there were lots of small left over pieces So I made some type out of them for my bathroom wall. It was really difficult photographing this because its see through. I like it because it's really subtle. 

How I did this: Made this design on the computer, then inverted it (put it back to front) because you need to trace the design on the back of the contact and the design will be the wrong way round if you don't.
I literally put the contact, face down, on the computer screen and lightly traced the type with a pencil. 
I then cut it out with a cutting knife.
I made light lines on the wall with a pencil of where I want to put it.
NOTE: remember to erase the lines before putting the vinyl over it, because once it is pasted you cant get rid of the line... 

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