Corporate Identity

A Corporate Identity I designed for a water purification solutions company.

Logo design for a small website called 1pagewonder

I designed this 3D logo for web and flat variants for embroidering etc. for a company called PRO2COL LAB. 
Also did some of the design elements for the site.
The company I work for designed and developed the site.

Did a logo for a new website called
The site isn't live yet, but you can see what the chosen logo looks like.
Because there are many sites like this in South Africa already I came up with the following concept: The name of the site makes it feel a bit like shopping at your old family store, a place you feel comfortable and know the owner by name, a place you trust what you are buying and always go home with a smile. Wanted to keep the old coupon feel, because no matter how big sites like these get, the public still trusts a good old cut out coupon/voucher the most.

Logo for a Boutique Family Winery in Paarl

This photo and most of the great downhill pics in and around Stellenbosch are taken by Eric Palmer.

A logo for a company that builds downhill cycling tracks and much more.